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Bed Canopy Foldable Mosquito Net(7×7 Feet)

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This foldable net is a fully enclosed mosquito nets with total protection against terrible and annoying mosquitoes, bites and other insects. The net is made with encryption cloth with a small holes that ensure small mosquitoes, or insects cannot crawl in. it ensures air circulation, detaches mosquitoes, improves your sleep quality and give you a cool night

  • The net has a large space with polyester material and double filament steel support. It also automatically pop-up and easy to access.
  • It is foldable in storage while not in use.
  • The foldable mosquito net is suitable for student bed, business trip, home living traveling, courtyard leisure etc.
  • It is also useful for outdoors, as a tent during camping sunbathing during the day.


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