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Bed Canopy Foldable Mosquito Net(6×6 Feet)

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Foldable canopy bed mosquito net helps to guide against mosquitoes, flies and other insects.  In order not to get affected by harmful diseases like malaria, dengue fever and other form of diseases, to safeguard such hazards, this foldable mosquito net serve as the protective shield and gives you a healthy sleep.

  • The foldable mosquito net pop up automatically and easy to access.
  • The nets offers a fully enclosed protection from the bottom, and no gaps and with a great sewing quality.
  • The net is made of encryption cloth with an insect proof cloth which prevents small insects from crawling into the net.
  • The foldable net ensures air circulate, isolate mosquitoes and give you a cool night and improve your sleep quality.
  • The net is foldable, light weight and also foldable storage when not in use.
  • The mosquito net is suitable for student bed, bunk bed, home living, traveling, courtyard leisure and so on.
  • The foldable canopy bed mosquito net can also be used as tent during camping and sunbathing during the day.


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