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Allergy / Rhinitis Reliever Therapy Machine

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It is a safe and effective way to treat rhinitis, non-medicine, no side effect and totally green therapy treatment. It is an innovative and effective treatment for the relief of symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis. Proven to provide safe, fast-acting relief to hay fever sufferers. Using two intranasal tubes the all-in-one device is an alternative treatment to eye drops, nasal sprays and all kinds of antihistamines.Device emits two types of red light directly on to the membranes inside the nose which immediately reduce histamine production This works in minutes to ease streaming noses, sneezing and irritable eyes.

  • It is a very recent research that has demonstrated light therapy as being effective in treating allergic conditions.
  • It is based on the phototherapy principle of treatment with light energy, and uses a visible light source of red light with a frequency of 630nm at a narrow band wavelength.
  • Anti-allergy/Hay fever reliever is completely safe and has no known side effects as it is based on natural healing treatment, it has no effect on medications effectiveness, and thus can actually be used in conjunction with other medications and it can also be used safely by both children and adults.


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