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Adjustable Hand/Finger Grip Exerciser for Muscle Recovery(10-60Kg)

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  • The Grip Fitness Pinch Meter is an excellent training tool that strengthens your hands, forearms and wrist.
  • The single hand power grip meter is a sturdy device with robust design.
  • Has an adjustable range of 10kg-60kg, you can adjust the strength tension by turning the red rotary knob.
  • It is small, lightweight and portable, you can take it with you when you workout
  • Safe grip sponge handle fits your hands and gives you the best comfortable feeling.
  • Great training tool for all martial people and those who want to strengthen his or her hand.


Material: New reinforced ABS, TPR elastic plastic, Polypropylene and fine steel
Strength Range: 10-60 Kg


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