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Heavy Grip Wrist

Heavy grip wrist muscle training device is an excellent gym accessories for building wrist forearm strength and increases the grip and lifts. It gives an excellent recovery and serves as a rehabilitation tool for rheumatoid arthritis, carpel tunnel, arthritis, post-surgery, … Readmore

Digital Dynamometer/Hand Grip

Measure hand grip power and display grip power level. Digital Dynamometer store personal data and grip power record. It compares current record to the last one taken.Digital Dynamometer is quick, light weight, reliable and accurate, Assessment of results according to … Readmore

Adjustable Hand/Finger Grip

The Grip Fitness Pinch Meter is an excellent training tool that strengthens your hands, forearms and wrist. The single hand power grip meter is a sturdy device with robust design. Has an adjustable range of 10kg-60kg, you can adjust the … Readmore

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