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2Pcs Detachable Corn Stripper

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The Detachable Corn Peeler is the perfect thing for removing the kernels from corn on the cob without having to scrappy slice them off with a knife. This exceptional devise effortlessly remove corn kernels from fresh, frozen or cooked corn on the cob in one swift motion. With its dual sided blade it is easy to use for left or right handed users, and the bristles are just right for removing silk.

  • By placing one end straight down, all kernels gather neatly in the holder, kernels collect in a 1/2 cup capacity container.
  • The metal blade is intended to fit perfectly around corn contours, convenient to open the top separated container for easy cleaning.
  • It is dishwasher safe, compact, durable and easy to use. Suitable for use in the kitchen and for outdoor purposes.


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