Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

Cut glass with smallest amount of effort with the Pistol Grip Glass Cutter. It seems to be like a toy gun, but cuts like a knife; it is easy to...



Cut glass with smallest amount of effort with the Pistol Grip Glass Cutter. It seems to be like a toy gun, but cuts like a knife; it is easy to hold so it helps lessen wrist fatigue. Pistol Grip Glass Cutter has a sharper carbide wheel as well as oil fed capabilities, the acrylic pistol clutch handle holds lots of glass cutting oil and lets you see the precise oil level. Easy-grip handle lets you apply more pressure while scoring glass to reduce hand fatigue.It cuts in a fixed or swivel position, with a push or pull style. It is made with an exceptional plastic handle, and has texture on handle so you can clasp better.This is the perfect glass cutter for people with small hands or inadequate hand strength.

  • It is a great alternative for fresh students applying for scoring techniques or where hand strength is an issue.
  • Also, it can be used by glaziers for repetitive long score draw (pulling) cutting with a square or other lead.
  • It is durable and of very good quality. Makes your cutting perfect.

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