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Stainless Oil/ Vinegar Sprayer

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 The oil bottle is modern and stylish solution for healthy cooking dishes. It is the perfect tool for adding oil when cooking or doing BBQ.  Easily operated with one hand and spray. It is a very useful tool for barbecue and baking. Perfect for spraying ingredients when roasting, sautéing, baking or cooking. Ideal for flavored oils, vinegar and water.

  • By spraying a fine mist, the oil sprayer allows you to lightly coat your food or pans and by using less oil.
  • It is suitable for use in injecting salad with olive oil , pasta , vegetables, bread , pizza, chicken , beef , fish,  retain moisture and flavor to enhance even browning every time.
  • For all kind of liquid seasoning.
  • It is really a wonderful cooking tool for choice.


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