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Sauna Slimming Belt

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The heat energy generated can infiltrate into the subcutaneous tissue from 4cm to 7cm, and sufficiently dissolve the surplus fat of the body.Adjustable thermotherapy temperature feature.Sauna belt detoxify, burn calories and enhance metabolism.Equipped with high energy infrared heat capable of generating the needed heat in a short time for natural detox.Sauna belt is easy to use and clean with extra-long power cord.Sweat away unwanted inches and pounds.Flexible Sauna Belt is one size fits all with secure fastening system.Sauna belt contains the latest advancement in infrared technology.Simply wrap around your waist and fasten.Infrared technology will cause your cells to become energized pushing out harmful toxins stored in fat cells.The most effective weight reduction and pain relief products available today

  • Sauna belt provides a temporary increase to local blood circulation, thus offering temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain
  • Reduces stress and fatigue: deep penetrating heat may be used for the temporary relaxation of muscles and temporary relief of muscle spasms, minor strains and sprains, and minor muscular back pain.
  • The sauna belt focuses heat on the most problematic body parts to help flush out and eliminate toxins.


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