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Magnifier Head Strap With Lights

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Magnifiers are devices used to enlarge the visual appearance of an object or image. The head strap features a vinyl headband with soft contoured padding and is adjustable for a comfortable fit. The magnifier has optical glass lenses that are ground and polished into prismatic lenses for quality and clarity. Improved ergonomic posture and reduced eye, neck and back fatigue. An adjustable headband with padded leather comfort band conforms to a variety of head sizes and provides comfort for hours of continuous use.

  • With 2 bright LEDs to illuminate viewing field Angle of light, It enhances view of your instruments and better visualization of an object.
  • It can be worn over prescription or safety eyeglasses.
  • A durable, plastic visor tips up above the forehead when not in use. With detachable light source box, easy to take out.
  • Headband magnifier provides hands-free magnification and viewing for a variety of applications such as outdoor activities, home use, processing, installation & repairing in electronic industry, observing pores, manicure, sculpture and art, repair accessory for camera, watch, reading in dim light and can be used by Dentist, tailor, embroidery workers, stamp collectors, jewelry users, printers etc.

Note – Do not put the lens under direct sunshine. The sunshine may focus the lens so that fire is caused. Do not watch the sunshine through lens.


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