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kamisafe Multi-functional Rechargeable Energy Saving LED Bulb(20W)

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  • Kamisafe Rechargeable LED Bulb can be used for both emergency and regular use as it works on both standard AC power and on an in-built rechargeable battery (DC power) 3600mAh Battery.
  • It is power saving and is equipped with two DC operation options, light up/ light off with finger touch or case mounted.
  • With grid power on the LED bulb works as a regular bulb while the in-built battery is being charged and converts automatically from AC to DC when power fails.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Battery: 2×3.7v 3600mAh, Lion battery.
  • Led Type: Luminous flux: 1000lm.
  • Recharging time (DC Bottom light) – up to 5hrs.
  • Operating Time – 4.5hrs.
  • Model – KM 5857


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