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Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer With Chest Strap

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Accurate wireless heart rate measurement. It also measures step counting, distance and exercise time. Display the percentage of real heart rate value to maximum heart rate value based on different age. It measures parameters like heart rate value, maximum HR(heart rate)value and the average HR value.

  • It records the exercise time and the exercise calorie consumption.
  • It displays the Instant Data during exercise.
  • Possess maximum heart rate and low heart rate alarm function

Specifications -Step range: 0-999999.Time: 0:00:00-99H59M59S.Distance: 0.00-999.99KM(or 0.00-999.99 Mile).Calorie: 0.0-9999.9KCAL .Clock,Calendar. Hour, Minute, Second, Year, Month, Week, Day feature.


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