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Engraving pen

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Engraving pen is used to inscribe on almost any material like metal, wood, glass or plastic material. Engraving pen can be used to protect all types of valuables with identifying markings and even perform delicate personalization of items. It enables precision cordless engraving anywhere by anyone. Personalize your sporting gear, children’s toys, tools, etc.

  • The diamond tipped bit enables engraving in glass, metal, ceramic and plastic.
  • Comfortable contoured grip allows for greater control.
  • Engraving pen is easy and comfortable to use.

How to Use: Hold the engraver as you would hold a pencil, with either your thumb or forefinger over the button. The button is very sensitive, so only a light touch is required to activate it. Touch the bit to the item to be engraved. Note Practice on inexpensive material to get a feel for it before attempting to engrave finished jewelry items. 


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