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Digital LCD Jump Skipping Rope

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Monitor how many calories you burn while jump roping. Jumping is a very healthy exercise and especially good for the heart. This handy device has a built-in LCD screen that can be set to monitor how many calories and grams of fat you’ve burned. Skipping just 10 minutes burns the same amount of calories as a 30 minute run which means you can potentially burn 3 times the amount of calories. Also can act as a digital Calorie counter to calculate and record the exercise time, Calorie count, number of jumps, and the user’s weight on the LCD display screen.Digital LCD display can set Target Time; Target Exercise Times; Target Value of Calorie Burned; and Target Value of Fat Burned.

  • Rotator swivel action head rotates in both directions, allowing you to jump forward, backward and crisscross smoothly.
  •  Alarm on the handle will ring when target has been achieved. Rope length can be adjusted according to your height. Suitable for both adult and kid to use and suitable for office, balcony, bedroom, outdoor use.
  • The handle design is very scientific and suitable for the movement of your wrist during exercising. 


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