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Diamond Tipped Glass Cutter

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The Diamond Tipped Glass Cutter is a device used to devise a shallow score in one surface of a piece of glass that is to be broken down in two pieces. Glass cutters with steel wheels provide a special economical way of cutting glass. High quality Diamond Tipped Glass Cutter with Wooden Handle has tooth design to help remove rough edges.It is a must for any glass shop and for custom glass and flat glass that needs to be fit to precise dimensions.

  • You can use glass technology’s prep tool to assist during the installation of auto glass as well as many other facet of automotive renovation.
  • Professional glass cutter, steel wheel with a sharpened angle of 120° for cutting single and double might glass, ideal for cutting all types of glass.
  • The steel wheel ensures a clean cut and it has a comfy and non-slip handle, It is supplied in a constructive plastic container for easy storage.


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