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Compact Zoom Camping Hiking Hunting Monocular Telescope

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The Night Vision Binocular gives the best performance in a smart body,the chic design allows you to adjust the binoculars for your viewing comfort and personal fit.The high performing intensifier tubes cradled inside Night Owl Optics unique steel stringer system giving precision and control.A powerful infrared illuminator presents clear and vivid viewing in complete darkness.This unique device features low battery indicator and extended infrared operation at low battery voltage, high quality all glass objective and visual lenses.It makes use of an electro ocular imaging device which manages to find both noticeable and also close to infrared power sources and has the capability to intensify these power sources more in order to offer a clearer photo for viewing in the night.Includes a neck strap designed for nighttime use, this pair of binoculars takes existing light, such as infrared light, moonlight, or starlight, then alter it into visible light that enlighten the image viewed through the eyepiece.For a better view, the binoculars come built with a pop-up LED spotlight that pierces 25 feet through darkness.Comes in a rubberized finishing which helps to protect against rugged use.

  • It can be used during the day and also at night. And, it has a four times amplifying lens and the adjustable focal length.
  • The cannon-shot of the Pop-up lamp is 5m, and this item is matched with a strap. In addition, this item can aid the intelligent development of children and conduct the children to discover natural science.


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