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Body Fat Calculator

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 Body fat calculator can be used to measures the body fat percentage, BMI, body shape and basic metabolism. Body fat calculator  has personal profile set-up and memory makes monitoring quick and easy. It will enable you quickly find out the body fat percentage and try to balance your daily diet and sports according to the measurement result, so as to achieve the goals of being healthy, fit and pretty. Body fat calculator is easy to read with large LCD screen. Body fat calculator has 9-person-profile memory.

  • Body fat calculator display correct result in 6 seconds and  energy saving with auto shut-down function.
  • Basic Metabolism Rate is calculated according to the input personal dataand it is an affordable and easy way to measure your body fat in the privacy of your own home.
  • Body fat analyzer measures your body fat with a gentle, micro electrical current (don’t worry, you won’t feel it)

Note-For the special groups, such as athletes and pregnant women, the body fat percentage and BMI cannot reflect the correct obesity.

Specification;- Groups: One visitor group + nine member groups,Height: 100~199.5cm, Power supply:2 ×AAA batteries (not included),Weight: 10~199.8kg,Age: 10~99 years old,Gender: male / female,Temperature & Humidity of Usage: 10~40 C, 30%~85RH,Temperature & Humidity of Storage: -20~60 C, 10%~95%RH,Push button: Set, Power, Start, Up, Down.


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