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300mm Combination Square

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The 300mm versatile Combination Square is a sturdy device that can be used for wood and metalworking purpose. The series of levels and squares designed are engineered to offer utmost accuracy, intense sturdiness, and improved readability. It has a black metal base with brass adjusting screw features an ingrained spirit level and scribe, it can also mark 45 and 90 degrees with adjustable depth for recurrence marking and scribbling.

  • The reliable combination square can be used for a lot of things including measuring rule with metric and imperial scale, 90° inside square, 90° outside square, 135° inside square, 45° inside square, horizontal level, vertical level, T-square slide, marking gauge and depth gauge.
  • This resilient combination square is a must-have for any workshop or job-site.
  • It is a great apparatus for any carpenter. It has a die-cast zinc body and stainless steel blade for durability and rust resistance.


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