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12 pieces Medicated Foot/ Corn remover plaster

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This plaster is used to relieve and removes painful corns on the feet. The main ingredient, salicylic acid (impregnated onto the plaster) helps to break down hardened skin and also removes excess skin cells. The main component is available as a medicated disc which is applied directly onto the corn.

  • You may need to cover the plaster with a pad and fix it with a strap to keep it in place. Apply a plaster daily until the corn can be removed.
  • Stop using this plaster if you experience excessive discomfort, Do not apply the plaster onto normal skin.
  • Get advice from a healthcare professional before using this plasters if: you are allergic or sensitive to or have had a reaction to any of the ingredients in the plaster, you are someone under 16 years of age you have diabetes, you have circulation problems, you have broken or inflamed skin around the corn that needs to be treated, If you are trying to become pregnant, are pregnant, or are breast-feeding.

How to Use

Wash and thoroughly dry the affected area. Remove the plaster from the backing and place the medicated center of the plaster over the corn. Wrap the self-adhesive straps around the toe to secure.


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