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10pcs Electrode Pads for Acupuncture/Electrotherapy/Pain Relief

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Acupuncture electrode pad is excellent for large areas such as lower back, shoulders, etc.which is compatible with most Massagers and other units using electrode pad. Acupuncture electrode pad are self-adhering, reusable and disposable. it has quality gel to ensure adhesiveness through multiple sessions. It delivers the performance you need whether you are replacing electrodes for physical therapy, electro-therapy or pain relief.

  • It comes in 5 pair of 4.5″ x 6″ double seal packaging, making it easy to safely store when you finished using them.
  • For best therapy results, it is recommended that your Electrodes are replaced after the conductive gel starts to wear down and this occurs after 10-15 uses per pad, depending on the length of the use.
  • Note : Do not apply to broken skin. Should skin rash occur, discontinue use and contact your physician. the pad site must be clean and dry before placing the pads. Dry skin contributes to good pad adhesion and trace quality. 


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