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Captain Simp Pure

Moringa tea is made from the leaves of moringa  oleifera plant which is also popularly known as miracle tree, drumstick tree or the ben oil tree. It is used for disease prevention and treatment, such as arthritis, heart diseases, liver … Readmore

Captain Simp Pure

Guava leaf tea is amazingly rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. This remarkable nutrient gives them many health benefits. The leaves can be used for various medicinal purposes like treating indigestion and to combat chronic inflammation in the … Readmore

Captain Simp High

Captain Simp High Blood Pressure Tea helps maintain normal blood pressure. Support kidney and liver function. Our tea is made from high-quality local and natural herbs that can be consumed on a daily basis to support blood pressure balance without … Readmore

Captain Simp Anti-Malaria

Captain Simp Anti-malaria tea is made from local and 100% natural herbs with no additives nor preservatives. It eliminates most specie of plasmodium parasites that causes malaria. Anti-malaria tea alleviates malaria symptoms and helps recovery. It prevent malaria and boost … Readmore

Captain Simp Anti-Diabetic

100% natural and organic herbal tea. Perfect for the management of diabetes effectively. Captain Simp tea helps reduce blood sugar level and reduce sugar absorption from the intestine. Captain Simp tea also helps with weight management and boost metabolism. It … Readmore

Captain Simp 100%

Captain Simp Hbiscus tea may lower blood pressure. It may help in fighting bacteria and aid weight loss Captain Simp hibiscus tea reduce the harmful effects of free radicals because of the huge amount of antioxidant enzymes it posses.  Hibiscus … Readmore

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