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Wax Vac Ear


Wax Vac Ear

Wax Vac cleaner is safe, gentle and effective ear cleaner device that is safe for the entire family to use. The ear cleaner draws dirt particles and moisture out of the ear without causing damage. Wax Vac is powerful yet … Readmore

Noise Ear Plugs

Noise reducing ear plugs is a device that is inserted in the ear canal to shield the user’s ears from loud noises or the intrusion of water, dust or excessive wind. Hearing damage is unswerving related to both sound level … Readmore

Ear Magnifying/Diagnostic Penlight

The pen type Otoscope is one of the best devices to have at home for medical use. Medical experts recommend that you include an otoscope as part of your home DIY health toolkit. Has a built-in light for clearer view. … Readmore

3Pcs Flash Light

It uses a special transparent materials, ear digging through a beam of light that makes you to see the inner ear clearly. Two type of ear-pick, thick and thin, are available for different ear hole sizes of adults and children. The tweezers … Readmore

2 Sets Swimming

Excruciating inflammation of the ear canal is very common in the ears of swimmers, adults and children alike; however, this condition is certainly avertible with the use of Swimming Guard Plastic Nose Clip & Silicone Ear Plugs. This Ear Plug … Readmore

10pieces Ear beeswax

Relax and wind down with this harmless and efficient process to gently eradicate excess ear wax and debris from the ear canal. It helps to ease pressure from behind the eardrum, sharpens psychological function, vision, hearing, taste and color acuity. … Readmore

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