Bio Scalar Energy Disc 4 (Alpha Spin)

Bio Disc 4 also known as Alpha Spin bio disc, is glass made up of natural minerals, that are naturally confined by nano fusion technology through heat fusion methods and...



Bio Disc 4 also known as Alpha Spin bio disc, is glass made up of natural minerals, that are naturally confined by nano fusion technology through heat fusion methods and made from 13 technically engineered natural minerals, a natural energy producing device that produces scalar energy frequencies with no negative side effects, the energy generated specifically rejuvenates molecule structures in all liquid to make the become more hydratious, give better taste and extend shelf life.

  • Bio scalar energy disc energizes and detoxify drinking water and therefore hydrating the body cells and also give great sense of wellness.
  • It reduces inflammation and helps with diabetes and high blood pressure and facilitates transfer of nutrients and enhances the biocompatibility of water to get more out of it.
  • Bio disc emits scalar energy i.e. energy that drives life which has the ability to be transferred to any liquid (especially water), to rejuvenate its natural molecular chains.
  • Bio disc neutralizes body's acidic substances and regulates gastrointestinal functions. It also decrease energy imbalances and redistribute pooled energy in the body.
  • People suffering from Asthma can steam up the bio disc treated energize water to help treatment, it has also been reported to increase pain resistance potential in addition to reducing the effects of aging.
  • It also helps to alleviate serious headaches, calm and balances and improve sleep quality.
  • Bio disc enhances immune system, increases body energy level and blood oxygen levels.
  • It also maximizes nutritional benefits and improve taste.
  • It preserves, keep food, beverages and vegetables fresh for a longer time and add great enhancement in their taste by keeping the bio disc in the fridge where they are kept. 
  • Can also improves the potency of food supplements, by increasing the hydration levels of the drinking with water taken with the supplements.

Product Specification

Appearance: Round Clear Glass

Size: Diameter 10cm, Thickness 7mm

Weight: 130grams


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