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Pinhole Gridglasses

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Easy way to help correct poor vision permanently and improve the sharpness of the image. Help to reduce heart-rate, headaches, tension and relax the eyes. Helps the eyes focus and in so doing exercise tired eye muscles. In turn, the eye’s focusing ability improves.

  • High Quality Lightweight and Stylish Suitable for both adult or children.
  • Wearing for 15 minutes one day will help to improve vision 10-20% in 2-4 weeks.
  • Improve eye sight and eye focusing problems like Presbyopia (age-related reduced range of focus), Eye strain from computer screens, Hyperopia (long sightedness), Myopia (short sightedness) , Astigmatism and Cataracts.

How Pinhole Glasses Work

When you look at a blurred object, the brain moves the focus of the eye in and out until it gets an increase in contrast. If no increase is achieved, the brain leaves the object unfocused. Pinholes spectacles improve the sharpness of the image, allowing the brain to find the point of focus. During this process the focusing muscles of the eye are getting used more and this regular exercise helps your eyes’ focusing system.


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