100pcs Disc Rare Earth Strong Neodymium Magnets(5mm diameter,1mm thick)

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Neodymium Magnet otherwise known as Neo magnet is the most commonly used rare earth magnet. This a permanent magnet extracted from an alloy of neodymium, boron and iron to form the crystal like structure.It is a resilient type of permanent magnet that is readily available. It has replaced other kinds of magnets in the production of modern products (e.g. Hard disk drives, magnetic fasteners and cordless tools in motors) that involves using strong and permanent magnets.It is very hard to break apart once they get attached to each other. The attraction force has been tested at 20 Celsius degree on a refined iron plate with a thickness of about 20mm..It can also be used for extending protected lithium batteries with recessed contact points.Electrically conductive and perfect for sticking notes on fridge doors.It’s a perfect choice for wind generators, DIY projects, science projects etc



Strong magnets are brittle and could pinch your fingers badly. When two magnets attract it may crack and chip and could hurt your eyes.


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