Car Headlight Polish Restoration Liquid Kit

The car headlight spray is a polishing repair agent to help remove scratches from car headlights and give a stunning bright light. It helps to restore the dull and cloudy...



The car headlight spray is a polishing repair agent to help remove scratches from car headlights and give a stunning bright light. It helps to restore the dull and cloudy lenses of your car headlights thereby increasing safety while driving at night.

  • It helps to easily remove scratches and instantly bring back the car light output and results in crystal clear visibility.
  • The headlight repair agent fluid serves as an effective cost-efficient restoration as it saves cost and labor, no need to buy a new headlight or pay for the installation labor.
  • The agents serve as a barrier over the surfaces of the headlight thereby protecting it from aging, fading weather, sunlight erosion, rain, and dust. 
  • It can fully remove haze and corrosion from headlight lenses & easily restores the light output and beam pattern while giving you long-lasting UV protection.
  • It easily restores clarity and improves the aesthetic view.


    Hardness: 9H hardness
    Capacity: 30ml
    How to use
    1. Wipe the scratches and the oxidized parts of the light with clean water and dry up with a dry towel.
    2. Attach the distributed masking tape around the lights to prevent damage to paint during the repair.
    3. Use fine sandpaper to polish until the surface of the lamp is very smooth and mirror-like. Spray with water while grinding.
    4. Clean the lamp surface and wait for it to dry completely, then apply a few drops of the repair plated crystal agent on the dust-free cloth. When daubing, please follow one direction. Do not daub back and forth.

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