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Quit Smoking Natural Nicotine Patch(35pcs)

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  • The Anti Smoke Patch is the most easiest way to quit smoking. Works by slowed down release of percutaneous absorption technology.
  • It also reduces withdrawal symptoms caused by smoking.
  • It detoxifies and calms nerves in a refreshing way.
  • Helps to prevent lungs damage caused through oronasal smoking.
  • Smokers physical dependence are eliminated through long term use of quit smoking patch. And gradually helps to quit smoking easily and effectively.


  • Clean skin , then dry the skin.
  • Remove the anti -adhesion protection membrane
  • Paste the patch on the cleaned upper parts of the body like arm ,hip etc
  • Attach the Anti-smoke Patch every morning
  • Use during the day and remove before going to bed
  • Change the patch every 4 hours.


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