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The PIR Sensor Switch is an automated device that measures infrared (IR) light radiating in its 120-degree field of view. It can sense or activate within 5 to 8 meters or up to 25-feet. The PIR Motion Sensor Switch effectively prevents lighting and other transitory voltage damage to switch.

  • It is perfect for low energy LED lighting applications, where you want to control the light from motion.
  • It prevents electromagnetic interference, power instabilities, and gives a more stable performance.
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted, the sensor switch does not work during the day or light but can be adjusted to work both during the day and at night.
  • Has four mounting holes for each corner which makes it very easy to install. The unit needs to be mounted within 5 to 8-meters (which is the detection range) and be able to view 120-degrees from the sensor connection to the PIR switch is made using screw-down terminal blocks for the selected input/output.
  • As soon as the sensor stops detecting motion for 10-seconds the switch turns-off. These switching are frequently used with LED lighting in applications like closet lighting or places where you want light to be activated by motion.
  • Uninterrupted backup wall switch. Maximum induct load 100W. Resistive load maximum 200W. Standby power consumption 40uA. Wide voltage: AC100V-250V. Delay adjustment: 10 seconds to 6 minutes


Electrical parameters:

  • Sensing Method: Passive voltage AC100V-250V (50Hz/60Hz)
  • Sensor principle: infrared body, its power <0.0088W / h
  • Load capacity: Maximum: 200W, inductive loads require lower half of the power used
  • Sensing angle: left and right 110 degrees, up and down 80 degrees
  • Ambient temperature -20°c – +50°c
  • Load range: all kinds of lighting, exhaust fan
  • Light control sensor: 5LUX-500LUX (adjustable)
  • Sensing distance: 5 to 7 meters


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