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  • The Pregnancy Urine Test Kit 100% high sensitivity and accuracy test kit.
  • Gives visual result and it’s very easy to interpret.
  • It’s a simple one step quick test kit that requires no special to use.
  • Elevated levels of hCG as low as 25 mlU/mL can be detected in less than 5 minutes.

Test Procedure

  • Prepare a timer
  • Wear gloves and use urine cup to collect urine
  • Remove the test cassette from its pouch
  • Draw urine sample into dropper, and dispense it into sample test line (2 drops 100uL). Be careful not to overfill the pad
  • Read results within five minutes
  • Dispose the test device after one time use

 Interpretation of Results Negative: If one pink line appears in the control area.

Positive: If two pink lines appear both in the control area and test area.

Invalid: If there is no distinct pink-purple colored band visible both in the TEST area and CONTROL area. In this case it is recommended that the test should be repeated.


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