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I Have a Crush On a Male Buddy. Exactly What Can I Do?

Reader Question:

Im a 34-year-old woman having a life threatening crush on a male friend of mine. About 2 yrs ago we tried to time, but I happened to ben’t ready.

I know he or she is dating someone immediately, but it is not working completely. He’s got already been calling me personally requesting suggestions about getting from this relationship without hurting the girl. Just before him trying for advice, he’s been on my brain.

Exactly what must I carry out?

-Kady (Louisiana)

Gina Stewart’s alternative:

Be honest and inform the person your feelings. He is requesting suggestions about how to end situations with someone else? He is fishing to determine your interest in him because he or she is still thinking about you.

Next it is likely that an unique present. If you should be really ready for him, don’t waste it.

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