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ALSUntangled no 23: the Rife machine and retroviruses

Rife Machine

The rod is hollow and can even allow for DNA transfer, but is also an electron conductor. The main function of pili or cilia of bacteria is to sense their environment and to facilitate sexual reproduction by fusion with the same type of bacteria.

  • If you or a loved one has cancer and you are searching for different treatment options, then we invite you to contact us to learn about the Rife therapy in Ocala we provide at our clinic.
  • He found that they had to be cultured in the “K medium”, developed by the microbiologist Arthur Kendall.
  • Generating Rife frequencies with the specific amplitude and tone does offer certain limitations.
  • Different areas of the brain can be stimulated, depending on the frequencies used.

Cells have charged molecules that can respond to electrical fields from the outside. Researchers have studied pulsed electromagnetic field therapy as a possible alternative to invasive tumor surgeries or chemotherapy that may not kill cancer cells that have spread. This process yields numerous efficient substitutes of the active molecules. It explains also about a dozen other experimental observations, made in the meantime. It accounts even for homeopathy, which is at present under harsh attack by those who claim that these products can merely act as placebos.

Can the Rife machine treat cancer?

It appeared that these nanobacteria are even quite common and well-adapted for survival under adverse conditions. A widely published micrograph shows a coated spherical particle. Its diameter is close to 300 nm and its surface is covered with numerous pili, radiating outwards. Their presence attracted our attention and will turn out to be very important. In a 2016 review, the authors looked at studies into the use of electromagnetic frequency for treating cancer.

  • This device for treating diseases with the help of different frequencies is also called Rife Machine, according to its inventor.
  • Even in the modern day, scientists continue to conduct experiments using the Rife machine.
  • However, the quality of Rife machines and their overall design can differ quite a little from one another.
  • This accounts for the blue sky, since the electric field of sunlight does polarize very small particles in atmospheric air.

He studied them by scanning electron microscopy , proving that heir average size was 200 nm. In 1994, Folk attributed the observed carbonate precipitation to negatively charged cell walls.

Effects on Cancer

But Rife helps to fight against cancer rife kills the cells of cancer in the body through electromagnetic waves. These waves enter the body through feet or hands, frequency generated by Rife Machine. They contain double-stranded RNA, instead of single-stranded one and are said to be non-enveloped. Actually, the lipid bilayer is replaced by a tightly fitting protein coat, but there are always spikes that undergo conformational changes and perforate the lipid bilayer of the target cell . They allow for efficient propulsion, since they are activated by small individual motors, embedded in the cell membrane, but the whole surface of bacteria is covered with pili. The growth and molecular constitution of these hair-like structures are now well-known. This allows for adhesion and some stretching that causes retracting forces.

Rife Machine

This replenishes not only the stock of charged particles, but modulates also the oscillation frequency as in Equation . They are sustained without requiring constant excitation by an oscillating electric field of external origin. It should be noted that a Rife Machine cantilever, constituted of a steel wire, does also allow for another mode of oscillation, where a knot is created near the free end. However, the resonance frequency is significantly higher and this type of deformations can be excluded for virus spikes.

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