Silica Gel Hand Grip Fitness Egg Ball Exerciser

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Worthwhile gel hand grip ball is made of high quality silicone, soft and highly elastic, with comfortable grip without any deformation. The silica gel hand grip helps to increase blood flow and circulation to the hands, eases stiffness or pains and also builds up hand, finger and grip strength.

  • The finger exerciser ball aids in providing sensory input for children with autism, ADHD and hyperactive kids thereby improving focus and concentration.
  • The hand grip exerciser ball is easy to squeeze, stretch, smoosh, pull, toss and bounce and immediately and easily get back to its original round shape.
  • It can be used to exercise anywhere as it is compact and lightweight, easy to put into your pocket anywhere.
  • The silica gel hand grip ball are suitable for people who are body-builders, badminton, rock climbers, computer workers and ping-pong lovers.


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