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Unlike ordinary fire blankets, fabric blend emits no toxic fumes when exposed to flames. Ideal for extinguishing many types of small contained fires in the home. It is a by-product of the original super-insulating materials, retains up to 90% of radiated body heat to help provide warmth, comfort and protection.


  • General purpose blanket provides thermal protection from sparks and splatter. Fire blanket is 90 percent Wool, 10 percent Nylon.
  • Fire blanket is soft, comfortable & no harm to the skin Must have fire protection kit for home/office.
  • Perfect for all outdoor activities where exposure to the elements can be a concern. It is lightweight, compact,durable and flexible, easy to clean and wipe off dirt.
  • Size: 101x98cm, Working temperature:1000F or 537C, Thickness: 0.03-inch.


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