Combination Number Lock Padlock

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The Digital Combination Safe Lock is a must-have especially on every travellers’ list. It is a great idea for securely locking your luggage and eliminating the hassle of forcefully breaking your lock. Features a metal body and hardened steel for durability, it offers extra resistance to cutting or sawing thereby offering maximum security.

  • The unique 3-digit Digital Combination Safe Lock with a triple dial mechanism offers keyless accessibility and also sets and re-sets with hundreds of possible combinations for added convenience and protection.
  • Made with high grade materials for durability. Portable, easy to carry around. Keep your bag and gear safe and secured.
  • This small but rugged user friendly lock can be used on a gym/school locker, backpack, camera bag, toolbox etc. Can also be used in a hostel while asleep or go touring for the day.


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