Children 3d Cartoon Fish Wallpaper Sticker(90cm by 61cm)

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It is made of very good materials, waterproof, any liquid spilled will float on the surface of the wallpaper sticker.The vital thing to consider when selecting living room wallpaper ideas is the expected atmosphere, you will be able to fashion out an exceptional living room based on your preferences, taste and personality.You can use wallpaper in an extensive fashion without any reservations. From the colourful to the classy to the daring and to the understated.It can be used in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, stores, restaurants, bars, hotels or office. It can also be used for sofa and television background.


  • You need to make sure the surface is clean and dry before you stick it. Any greasy dirt or water will influence the perfection of the sticker.
  • Sometimes there might be some bubbles appear in big stickers, if this happens please remove the bubble or just pin it
  • When the wall is wet due to some unexpected reasons, it might have bad influences on the sticker, when this happens please dry the wall and the sticker with an air blower or simply stick it again when the wall is dry.


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