Adjustable Hand/Finger Grip Trainer(3-7Lbs)

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The hand grip strengthener is used for finger exerciser, piano guitar power trainer and also as a hand gripper gym workout. The hand grip exerciser is specifically designed to increase the strength of the finger, wrist and forearms.

  • Hand grip finger trainer is ergonomically made with a secure material and has a soft silicone protection at the top and bottom that makes it to provide a comfortable grip.
  • The finger trainer can exercise the finger individually and/or the entire hand arm strengthener together.
  • The device is isolates the each fingers individually for strength, dexterity and endurance thereby giving an outstanding hand trainer wrist and forearm strength.
  • The hand grip strengthener is perfect for beginners and those recovering from surgery.
  • The carpal of the grip tunnel the light resistance trainer and offers a 3lbs tension and medium level of 7lbs of tension
  • Easy to carry, moderate in size and easy to use. At the office, home or even on the train, you can keep your hand, finger and forearm hand grip strengthener and dexterity.


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